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Hong-Jin Na’s 2008 thriller, The Chaser is brilliant and bold film making. It was largely ignored upon its limited cinema release (aside from a short piece from Jonathan Ross) which is a great shame. The follows the murky exploits of a former cop turned pimp who begins tracking a ruthless killer when one of his girls goes missing. The chaser is as brilliant as it is brutal and its pretty brutal. A Must See.



1218150236WoM_cover_FINAL(1)Amy Berg’s documentary represents everything that is great about documentary film making. It shows us the mediums ability to get intimate with stories and people. It shows us we can make a difference through film and finally we get to see how the world really is stranger than fiction. West Of Memphis tells the startling true story of three teenagers who are wrongly convicted of brutally murdering three 8yr old boys. Sure, the film is a little too cinematic at times and is a little overloaded with superfluous bashing and badgering but its also involving, highly effective story telling from start to finish.


take-shelter-poster1Jeff Nichols’ Take Shelter is rare kind of movie, equal parts allegory and american drama, the film charts the journey of Curtis, a family man plagued with apocalyptic visions. Its marrying of the fantastical with rooted dramatism reminded me of 1997’s Lawn Dogs but Take Shelter is far more consistent and beguiling. I found myself replaying moments from the film over and over, analyzing the tinyist gestures toying with the various interpretations and meanings. Its supreme, quiet and focused cinema. A must see.


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