Iron Man 3 Poster.

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January 31, 2013 by CINEfaction Movie Review.

ImageIron man 2 wasn’t good. In fact, it was a messy, over heated, self-aggrandising crap fest. However, Shane Black is a good filmmaker and he will certainly inject some much needed sass and flavour into the franchise. Also, alot has happened in the Marvel universe since Iron Man 2 so things should seem more cohesive and considered. You have to hope that they can keep the film below the dreaded 2hr 30 mark as i don’t think the character can successfully sustain any arc (well conceived or not) that pushes that length. Hopefully Shane Black’s caustic and vitriolic dialogue will surface as it seems like the perfect fit for a more world weary Tony Stark. Could this finally be a second sequel of merit? We can but hope, i guess.

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